Cordless Phone Battery Troubleshooting

There’s hardly anything as irksome as when your cordless phone’s battery dies without any notice. Perhaps you’re on an important call, perhaps you’re waiting for an important call, or perhaps you’re about to make an important call. It doesn’t matter; it’s one of the most annoying things in the world.

Our team knows that when you Uniden cordless phone or any other brand of cordless phone stops working, it can be frustrating. That’s why our team at Battery Depot created this guide to help you with Uniden cordless phone troubleshooting, which can also be applied to most cordless phone brands.

How to Troubleshoot Your Cordless Phone Battery

Refer to the following techniques if your Uniden cordless phone battery isn’t holding its charge like it ought to.

  1. Cycle the battery. The first thing you should try is cycling the battery. If you notice that it can’t hold a charge, let it die completely; then, let it charge fully without using it. This is what’s known as one cycle.
  2. Reset the entire phone. Does your cordless phone have some sort of reset button? If so, give that a try.
  3. Remove and replace the battery. Next, you can try removing the battery, letting it sit for about five to ten minutes, and then replacing it. You might even want to repeat this helpful tactic several times over.
  4. Check the base unit and the connection. Is the base unit properly plugged into the wall? Is the outlet on the wall receiving power, i.e. if it’s hooked up to a light switch, is it turned on? Is the phone connected to the base unit correctly? These are simple queries, but you’d be surprised how often they’re overlooked.

Techniques to Preserve Your Cordless Phone Battery’s Lifespan

Refer to the following tips and tricks if you’d like your Uniden cordless phone battery to last as long as possible.

Long-term storage plan. If you’re going to store your cordless phone battery (including Uniden cordless phone batteries) for over a month, you should fully discharge it first. This doesn’t apply to Li-Ion models.

Full charge and discharge. In general, you should cycle the battery about twice a month to preserve it.

Cleaning the battery contacts. Occasionally, you should clean the battery’s contacts with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol—that way, the connection will be as strong it can possibly be.

Is It Time to Buy A New Battery?

If you’ve done everything we’ve outlined above and your cordless phone battery still isn’t working as it should, then it might be time to buy a replacement. Luckily, you’re in the right spot.

Here at Battery Depot, we carry over 100 high-quality cordless phone replacement batteries in our huge online inventory. We encourage you to browse our selection today to discover the model that you need.

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