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Cordless Phone Batteries

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Browse over 100 cordless phone batteries below for your cordless phone. We’re your trusted online battery source that offers brand-new replacement batteries for your cordless phone needs. With over 20 years in the business, you can be sure to get your cordless phone batteries in a timely manner from a trusted replacement batter supplier.

We carry well over 100 replacement batteries. You’ll find products from several manufacturers to fit dozens of different cordless phone brands. Below, you can either search for the specific cordless phone battery that you’re looking for, or you can browse by category: Phone Manufacturer, Battery Manufacturer, Chemical Composition, Voltage, mAh (milliampere-hour) capacity, Type of Termination, or Type of Cell. 

Cordless Phone Replacement Batteries

The cordless phone is an invaluable addition to any home, apartment, office, etc. Once you get used to the freedom of making your calls while simultaneously walking around, you simply can’t go back to living under the antiquated restrictions of a cord. With that in mind, we understand how frustrating it is when your current cordless phone battery stops holding its charge. That’s why we offer an array of cordless phone replacement batteries! We also feature an extensive inventory of rechargeable cordless phone batteries at

Cordless Phone Batteries at

Here’s an overview of our wide array of available cordless phone batteries, broken down by category.

  • Type of Phone: AT&T®, General Electric, Panasonic, Radio Shack, and more.
  • Battery Manufacturer: Dantona, Panasonic, and UltraLast®.
  • Chemistry: Lithium, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Metal Hydride.
  • Voltage: From 1.2V or 2.4V to 6.0V or 7.2V, and everything in between.
  • mAh: 400, 600, 750, 1500, etc.
  • Termination: Connector, Pressure, and Consumer Top.
  • Type of Cell: Cylindrical, 2/3AA, AA, Button, and Prismatic, among others.

Affordable Cordless Phone Batteries

We know that many distributors don’t deliver on their promises. Instead, they ship out unreliable batteries. Often, these batteries have already been used. And they almost always charge outrageous prices!

Not at Battery Depot. Our batteries have three main qualities.

First, they’re extremely reliable. They hold their charge as advertised, and they won’t let you down halfway through that important phone call.

Next, they’re brand new, completely fresh, never been used before.

Finally, they’re affordable. All our cordless phone batteries are competitively priced, and you’ll save even more money if you buy them in bulk. You can rest assured that you’re always getting the best value with us.

Battery Depot Battery Specials

You can look at our most recent battery specials and sales to check out our current deals and see if we’re offering any specials on cordless phone batteries! We’re constantly updating the page with new incentives, so you should check back frequently if you’d like to save a ton of money.

Depending on the size of your order, you can also choose shipping options on how you’d like to receive your cordless phone batteries: USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, UPS Second Day Air, or UPS Next Day Air. You can even stay up to date with your package’s location, as we provide tracking information for our shipments.

In other words, you can be certain that shopping for a replacement cordless phone battery at is simple and stress-free.

Browse Our Selection of Cordless Phone Batteries Today

Regardless of what type of cordless phone you own, or what specific style of battery you need, you should be able to find it in our Battery Depot inventory.

Don’t wait! Browse our selection of batteries for cordless phones right away.

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