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Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We will ship anywhere in the United States. At this time, we do not ship outside the United States.

Q: How do I get tax exempt status?

A: Tax is only charged on items being shipped to New York State. If you would like to place a tax exempt order and you live in New York, please fax your tax exempt form to 1-516-543-4547 or email a PDF copy to and then call 1-516-543-4545.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: At this time, we do not accept purchase orders. You can place an order by sending a money order to PO Box 72 Freeport, NY 11520, using a credit card online, or paying by PayPal.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: When your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number that can be used either at or depending on how your order was sent. From there, you will be able to see where your package is and whether it was delivered.

You can also track your package from our online tracker once the package has been shipped - Track your package.

If for some reason you are unable to locate your tracking information within 2 business days of your purchase, please contact us at

Q: How long after my order is placed will it ship?

A: 99% of all orders are shipped within 48 hours. Orders placed after 3:00pm on Friday will not be able to be shipped until after 9:00am on Monday. Our location is not open over the weekend. Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping methods.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We are open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. We are happy to assist you over the phone during our business hours.

Q: I changed my mind. How do I cancel my order?

A: To cancel an order, call 1-866-403-3768 and speak to a representative or leave a message requesting that your order be canceled. However once an order has been processed for shipping, it cannot be canceled. Most orders are shipped before 48 hours have passed.

Your purchase will be covered by our 30 day return period and can be mailed back for a refund. Request a refund

Q: Will I receive email confirmation of my order?

A: Yes, an email will be sent to you once we have processed your order. Please note: if you did not enter a valid email address on your order form, you will not receive an email confirmation or shipping information for your order.

Q: Is it dangerous for the capacity to be higher than my current battery?

A: No, there is nothing unsafe about using a higher capacity battery than the one you are currently using. However, a battery with a higher capacity can sometimes be larger than one with a lower capacity, and may not fit in your device. If you are unsure, please contact us before placing your order at

Q: I need a quote. How do I get one?

A: Fill out our quote request form.

Q: I received a quote order. How do I place it?

A: At this time, quote orders cannot be placed online. To place an order for a quote you have received, please call 1-866-403-3768 Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST.

Quotes are only valid for one month.

Q: Are there discounts for purchasing in quantities?

A: We offer a discount for most products in varying quantities depending on the product. This discount can be viewed on the product page for each item. 

At times we can offer additional discounts for purchasing more than 20 of one battery. In order to get pricing on these available discounts, you can go to our discount page. Keep in mind any online shipping specials, discounts, or coupons are not available to be used in conjunction with a quantity discount.

Q: What are your shipping methods?

A: You can find detailed information about our shipping methods here.

Q: Do you have a warranty on your batteries?

A: All of our batteries are covered by a one-month guarantee and a six-month warranty.

If at any time during the one-month period following your purchase you are unhappy with the battery in any way, you may return the battery for a refund.

If at any time during the six months after your purchase your battery fails to work, you may send it in for a replacement.

Q: Is the website secure?

A: This website is secured using a Comodo Digital Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted.

Q: I signed up for the newsletter, but I didn't receive a confirmation email. What do I do now?

A: Check your spam folder for our email. If you do not see the email in your spam folder, make sure that you add to your list of accepted emails. For some email providers, like Gmail, this is as easy as adding the email address to your contact lists. Once you have allowed emails to arrive from this email address, sign up again to have another confirmation email sent to your address. Make sure that you are typing in your address correctly.

Q: Why do you charge a restocking fee on some returns?

A: As batteries are a product that carries a shelf life, items sent in after 30 days are no longer salable. To allow our customers to make mistakes with their purchases or returns after the expressed time limit, we issue a restocking fee, which is a minimum of 20% some of the loss from the battery cost and increases over time.

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